Commercial & Domestic  Security & Roller Shutters 

Commercial & Domestic  Security & Roller Shutters 

Gain Entry to Locked Roller Shutters 
Non-Destructive Entry 
Shutter Repairs 
Shutter Service & Maintenance 
Shutter Installation  
We operate a rapid response emergency service. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


We provide a non-destructive entry to roller shutters. We are very proud of our ability to gain entry in a non-destructive manner, so your roller shutters are kept in excellent condition. 


We have a service & maintanence checklist.  
Our engineer will then determine if it has passed or failed the inspection. Doing this will prevent the shutters from faulting or being replaced. 


We are specialists in shutter door installation. 
We can professionally fit a brand new roller shutter to any shop front or a garage. Call us today for a no-obligation quotation. 


Q - Are shutters burglar proof? 
A - Shutters deter break-ins as it makes it a lot harder for an intruder to get inside. 
Q - Do you maintain & repair older shutter installtions? 
A - Yes, we can maintain and repair most types of shutter doors. We can advise on what would be required to meet the current legal requirements. 
Q - How often should I have my shutter serviced? 
A - We would advise shutters to be serviced every 12 months depending on how many times it is operated and site conditions. 
We provide a prompt and professional locksmith service in Kent & London and across the South East. 
Available 24 hours of the day for 365 days of the year. 
Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey. 
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